This all started in 2013. It was our first year of marriage, and our first Christmas tree… but we had very few ornaments. After picking up our IKEA tree with some friends, I asked for our friends to retrieve the bottom of our tree (that had been cut off before putting our tree in water) from the back of their truck. Our friend dropped it off and I used it to make our “First Christmas” ornament.

Shortly afterwards I somehow got my hands on more wood and proceeded to slice it up into tree cookies. After a scary experience of hitting a knot it the tree branch and almost slicing my fingers off with the chop saw, I delegated the tree slicing to my wonderful father.

He has faithfully collected branches from his pruning/removing of his trees, as well as now has spent hours creating sawdust and wood cookies for me.

Recently I have been ordering my wood rounds from the east coast of Canada, from a gentleman who goes behind the logging operations to collect abandoned birch. The wood collected would otherwise be left to rot as they do not use birch at the paper mill.


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