In 2016, Amelia made an order of wood rounds from a new supplier. And while she is fully capable of reading, she didn’t quite visualize how much smaller a 1″ round is compared to a 2-2.5″ round.

When the box arrived, she was thrilled, and then taken aback… the 1-1.5″ rounds were tiny! Though a bit surprised, we didn’t let it upset us, rather we let it challenge us. We tried a few things: small ornaments with snowflake designs, slightly larger ornaments with different designs, and then we tied the ornaments onto a long string to be garlands!

The snowflake garlands were a hit! About 1.1 meters in length from loop to loop, with ten alternating snowflake designs hung evenly across, they were adorable, yet classic.


In 2015, Amelia attempted her first “greeting garland”, a message to all of her visitors of “Merry & Bright” hanging in her window from large 4″ willow rounds. So naturally, in 2016 we attempted a much more complicated version of “Happy Holidays” and “Merry & Bright” on the 2.5″ birch rounds. They turned out spectacular- though they were definitely a labour of love. With each letter taking up a vast amount of time, finishing a garland with 13-14 slices was excruciating. But oh they look wonderful.