Photo by the lovely Kory DeGroot

The Name

“Kluane” (klü-ˈȯ-nē) is a Tlingit word meaning “many fish”, and is the name of a National Park in the Yukon. It is also Amelia’s middle name, acknowledging her birthplace.

Amelia started blogging under the name “Kluane National” years ago. When opening her ETSY shop in 2015, she chose to include her creative work and handmade goods under “Kluane National Workshop”.

How it Started

Amelia started pyrography in 2013 with tools her late grandfather used for duck carving. It all began as she was trying to decorate her first Christmas tree in her own home. Taking the cut-off end of the Christmas tree trunk, she cut it into slices and painted a few, and then moved to burning designs onto the rest. Family and friends started requesting and ordering ornaments, and she finally set up shop online in the fall of 2015.

In 2016, on a whim, Kluane National Workshop applied to a craft fair… and was accepted with a short months’ notice before the event! Upon realizing how much work needed to be accomplished, Kelly offered to help. Kelly bought a cheap wood-burning tool to work on the “simpler” designs; within minutes she discovered she needed a much more versatile and reliable tool. Hours later Kelly was designing new ornaments. Kelly and Amelia still collaborate on items together, but to find Kelly’s work go to her site here!

The Process

Now a stay-at-home mother of two, Amelia thoroughly enjoys wood-burning as both a hobby and a business. Designs are developed first by sketching the images on paper, and then transferring the design to wood. In each step of the process the designs are refined to look the best they can when etched into the wood.

Currently, the majority of wood slices come from the East coast of Canada. Our supplier goes behind logging corporations and salvages birch trees that would otherwise be left to rot and decompose. He slices, and dries the wood before shipping to Kluane National Workshop. Other wood slices come from pruned trees around the Edmonton Area, and includes spruce, willow, and lilac. The lathed maple ball ornaments are secured through the wonderful Canadian Lee Valley Tools company.